Although very different, the clips we’re presenting today in our Video Watch feature are simply amazing – it couldn’t be otherwise when we’re talking about The Sims, one of the most successful franchises ever and Mario, world’s renowned Italian plumber! So just go on and check the two videos, I guarantee you’ll be blown away.

The first reaction I had after looking at this Sims 3 trailer you can see below was: “WTF?!?” Then I watched it again, and my reaction changed to: “Really, now! WTF?!?” I have no idea why Maxis created this video, I have absolutely no idea what’s its purpose (if there is one) and I really can’t imagine this is used to promote The Sims 3, since it looks more like an awareness campaign. But everybody loves candies… On the other hand, everything in this video is so not-Sims: the old man “playing” with the maid, the farting husband, the rogue-like thief that loves stealing from kids… and French! Tell me honestly now – does it looks like The Sims to you?

The next video I’m presenting you probably is (really) old news, having in mind that it was uploaded seven months ago and it already has 2 million views… but it’s still an incredibly cool Mario-related game I just stumbled upon. Let the music begin: