The Valve Time blog has recently uncovered information pertaining to Half Life 3, Source 2 and a Left 4 Dead 3.

The leak comes through a program called Jira, which is designed for bug tracking and project management.  A recent issue with Valve’s Jira allowed the public to access Valve’s internal files.

Public access was quickly shut down, but in the interim time a user was able to download several mailing lists, organised into groups pertaining to specific projects.

Half Life 3 has a mailing list of 42 developers, around a seventh of Valve’s total staff.

Source 2, an anticipated update to the Source engine that many believe will be the basis of Half Life 3, is also mentioned. Valve Time has noted that there are several groups pertaining to Source 2, suggesting that multiple teams are working on it.

Left 4 Dead 3 is also mentioned, again with multiple mailing groups. All told, some 68 people are part of the L4D3 groups, with the largest one totalling 40 members.

The mailing lists seem relatively up to date, as Paul Pepera, a staff member who  joined the company in March this year is listed.