Following the success of the Dota 2 Compendium, Valve have announced four new stretch goals to incite more orders of the virtual companion.

Each $10 purchase of the Compendium adds $2.50 to the International 3 prize pool, which started at 1.6 million. The Compendium sales over the past week have already added $350,000 to the pool, shattering the two initial stretch goals.

The next goal is now a round $2,000,000, and will give purchases of the Compendium access to a unique HUD skin. If the total manages to surpass $2,200,000, players will recieve a taunt item which utilises an exclusive animation.

If the prize pool breaks $2,400,000, Valve will add a new 1v1 event to the International. Eight players will be voted by owners of the Compendium to compete using the Solo Mid rules that were added a few months back, although as of yet Valve haven’t stated if this sub tournament will have a prize pool of its own, or if it’s just for fun.

The final stretch goal is a a huge $3,200,000, double the starting prize pool. If the lofty goal is indeed reached, Valve have declared that the next hero ported from Dota 1 to Dota 2 will be decided by a community poll. In all likelihood this would lead to an early port of the infamous Goblin Techies, a hero many players have expressed much love (And hate) for over the past year and a half.