Try These Top Simulation Games to Widen Your Gaming Horizons

With titles such as Animal Crossing creating a large following while most of us were stuck at home during the various lockdowns, it’s no surprise that simulation games have gained an increased audience over the past year or so. And although the above-mentioned Nintendo smash hit and the iconic Sims series are probably two of the most well-known among simulation games, there are so many more to discover, with different categories and styles.

Immersive, engaging, and exciting, simulation games offer a variety of experiences, from relaxation and escapism to learning useful real-world skills. Of course, you could find a trusted online casino gambling guide if you’re looking for a different way to stay entertained. They have all of the pertinent information for gamers, particularly in the UAE region, ranging from security recommendations to how to claim various incentives. Or keep reading to learn about some of the simulation games that you may not have seen before.

Simulations of the real world

Life simulation games are among the most popular games ever created, and both of the games we mentioned in the introduction belong to this category. The craze for life simulations, which let you control virtual characters and oversee their day-to-day lives, is undeniable. So, let’s take a look at some alternative life simulation games you might not have tried.


The title may not appear to be a true life simulation at first glance, but after playing it for a short time, you’ll soon realise that it follows all the rules of one. Spiritfarer is an out-there concept in that you are tasked with helping spirits into the afterlife by bringing them onto your ship. During the game’s progression, you’ll experience aspects of an adventure game, but the emphasis is firmly on typical simulation activities – gathering resources, growing food, cooking and making crafts. There are several goals to work towards in the gameplay, which is both satisfying and challenging. It also features impressive and touching characters and storylines.

Stardew Valley

A farming-focused game inspired by the Harvest Moon series, Stardew Valley offers a wide variety of game modes as well as enchanting scenes. It’s possible to take a more relaxed approach to in-game profits or go all out and make huge profits. Recently, some similar games have emerged, so try Garden Story or Little Witch in the Woods if you want something more modern.

Develop real skills

Playing games like Stardew Valley may be entertaining and satisfying, but you probably won’t learn much about farming. However, there are some great simulation games that can teach you skills you can use in real life. MS Flight Simulator is perhaps the leading example of this type of game. Offering an opportunity to experience the excitement and skill of flying a real aircraft, it’s now been around for almost forty years but still receives regular updates due to its popularity. Here are a couple of further examples.

House Flipper

This game simulates a property investment business where you purchase an old house, renovate it, and sell it for a profit. It’s an engaging and fun concept, and you have a wide range of tools at your disposal to accomplish your goals. Even though it gives a sense of what it takes to flip a house to make a profit, clearly it can’t adequately recreate just how challenging it can be in reality.

Farming Simulator

Our last example is a realistic farming simulation, where the conditions represent those that you would most likely encounter on a farm. The game has been in existence for years and is very popular, becoming more complicated with each release. Take time to learn about the weather and how it impacts crops, find out which tools you’ll need to complete the task, and make sure your farm is successful. Great attention has been given to the amount of effort and work needed to make a decent living, which is not fully captured by other simulation games.

Final thoughts

Of course, these games are just some of what’s on offer. You could also become your own zookeeper with Planet Zoo, become a lifesaver in Two Point Hospital or discover alternatives to The Sims in Virtual Families and Family House. 

Fun, rewarding and educational, simulation games are here to stay and, if you combine them with technology such as VR and AI, the potential opportunities and experiences mean we can look forward to a fascinating future in simulation.