Megapop announced the release date for Trolls vs. Vikings, which will hit the mobile markets in January 2014. This new studio founded by Funcom (Age of Conan) and Artplant (Battlestar Galactica Online) promises to deliver a “casual twist on the popular tower defense formula, infusing a blend of humor and an ever-changing battlefield.” The company explained some of the game mechanisms:

Unlike most tower defense games, Trolls vs. Vikings takes a different approach to towers, levels, tactics, player interaction, and boss fights. Players harness immense Troll power to strategically move towers, buff units, and take on other set-piece challenges that add fresh new gameplay to each stage. To keep up with the action, players will be thinking on their feet from start to finish. Just beware of the Valkyries, who have been fed far too much Julekake, threatening to (sugar) crash on top of you!

Check the trailer:

Trolls vs. Vikings is a defense puzzle title, where players assume the role of mystical trolls, who must defend their homeland, Midgard. The barbarian vikings will try to invade and conquer the land and to stop this madness, players must travel to several troll villages and protect them. To do so they can recruit brave soldiers int he way, including dwarves. This game is set in the ancient world of Norse mythology and gods like Loki will be featured.

The game will present 70 different levels with unique challenges, as well as different difficulty modes, each one with its own stage. Megapop ensured that a multiplayer campaign and further social features will be added soon. Trolls vs. Vikings will be available on iOS by the start of the next year.