Treasure Isle Volcano Isles Require Phoenix Feather

Treasure Isle Volcano Isles Require Phoenix Feather

Starting today, fellow treasure hunters can experience the thrills of digging for treasure in a new set of Treasure Isle Maps: the Volcano Isles! If you want to know everything about the new set of isles, as well as the Phoenix Feather and how to get it, read on!

What are the Volcano Isles?

A new set of islands that have a similar feel and look with the Fire God Mountain. There are 7 new isles here, and three of them require Island Cash to be purchased. Here are the names of the new islands (you can see them in the image too, just click it for a larger view!):

– Imp Fort
– Phoenix Roost
– Wrong Turn!
– Jeweled Palace
– Fairy Castle (5 Island Cash)
– Old Gem Mine (10 Island Cash)
– Burning Phoenix (15 Island Cash)

The new element introduced by these new islands is the Phoenix Feather (pictured below), a new item that is required to open a new type of gate: the Phoenix Gate. However, receiving the Phoenix Feathers will be a bit difficult, since they don’t appear to exist yet in the free gifts menu.

So… how to get more Phoenix Feathers in Treasure Isle? Here are some tips:

1) Visit the Fire God Mountain – digging up for treasure there will give you extra Feathers
2) Keep an eye on the Facebook wall – your friends might post about finding a Phoenix Feather and you can get one too
3) Purchase them from the market for the price of 5 Island Cash per feather

Did you start digging for treasure on Volcano Isles?