Zynga is certainly preparing some huge surprises for Treasure Isle players, all teased by the release of one mysterious item – a mysterious lava egg that can be placed on your home island or placed in your backpack. Also, there’s a teaser on the maps about a Fire God Mountain, one feature that will certainly expand the game a lot!

First things first, so let’s start with the Mysterious Egg – it is an item all players receive, one that we don’t know how to use yet, but one we can Investigate and get some hints: “Is this linked to the volcano? Better stock up on lava mangos!” So most likely the new Fire God Mountain has something to do with an egg… which might hatch an interesting Fire animal specific to Treasure Isle.

Now, let’s find out some more about the coming soon map, Fire God Mountain. It appears that it won’t be an exclusive one since it will be part of the Tiki Isles setup, with another teaser that reads: “Are you ready to explore Fire God Mountain? Only the most clever treasure hunters can survive this deadly volcano.” Sounds spooky, right? Hopefully it won’t be too dangerous…

Here are some excerpts from what Zynga revealed so far about the Fire God Mountain:

– The mysterious power of the volcano has transformed the island fruits. Oh no… these aren’t your typical kiwi or mango…These special fruits pack some heat. Will you be able to take a bite of these elusive edibles?

– Also, raiders have escaped the store with rare decorations and hid them in the volcano.

– The Fire God Mountain has heard your requests and shall grant more gardening plots

– Deep below the rocky surface are many separate caverns. Are you prepared to dig through them all?

– You have one more weekend before the Volcano Erupts. Spend your time wisely!

So, there you have it: next week we’ll finally see the Fire God Mountain erupt and get the chance to experience all the new features. Let’s just hope we won’t have as many headaches as those provoked by the volcano in Iceland…

What do you hope to see when traveling to the Fire God Mountain in Treasure Isle?