Playing Treasure Isle can be very fun as well as addictive, in a good way of course. Those who play know that the game is based on digging for treasure using different methods while completing the goal for each isle that they travel to.

The first isle that you are put on requires that you dig to find a collection of jewels. The second isle has a goal of finding tiki statues and a machete is needed so don’t spend your coins before buying the new tool. The third island, Palm Paradise, increases the difficulty by requiring that you dig and find five of each treasure remnants, royal garb and famous diamonds and there is more are to dig so watch your energy! Sometimes a clue will come in when you dig close to a hidden treasure as you progress through the game.

The islands become harder and more complicated as you play so don’t spend your island cash or coins without thinking about it first! You may purchase more energy to get you through the bigger islands. You may also wait for the time to count down or level up through experience points to gain more energy. And, of course, since Treasure Isle is a social game, you can get tons of extra energy via gifts from your neighbors. There are many fun activities to keep you busy playing Treasure Isle.