Summer is almost over in The Ville and we have to celebrate the last days of burning sun with a barbecue! This means that we have to complete the Summer Barbecue Grill goals in The Ville and I am here to share with you all the details about the requirements and rewards for the missions. So let’s have fun together checking out everything about the Ville Summer Barbecue Grill goals below!

The Cook-Off
– Place the Sunny Barbecue Grill
– Harvest 6 Tomatoes
– Grill a Wisconsin Cheese Burger
Rewards: 100 coins, 5 XP

Coach Jake
– Harvest 8 Peppers
– Ask friends for 5 Steak Knives
– Collect 8 Honeycombs
Rewards: 75 coins, 2 XP and Tropical Towel Rack

Sizing Up the Competition
– Visit Casey’s House
– Talk to 3 Guests at Casey’s House
– Ask friends for 5 Wood
Rewards: 50 coins, 2 XP

One Ear to the Ground
– Ask Friends for 3 Rumors
– Harvest 6 Onions
– Complete the Sunny Barbecue Grill
Rewards: 400 coins, 10 XP and Sunset Beach Towels

The Guru’s Hamburgers
– Make 3 Zesty Rub
– Grill a Supercharged Hamburger
– Eat the Supercharged Hamburger
Rewards: 200 coins, 5 XP

Poise Counts
– Harvest 6 Peppers
– Ask Friends for 5 Style
– Change into Formal Attire
Rewards: 200 coins, 5 XP

Entree Versus Entree
– Call Over 3 Neighbors
– Grill a Supercharged Hamburger
Rewards: 100 coins, 5 XP, Potted Plant

Dessert Dilemma
– Make a Chocolate Milkshake
– Ask friends for 6 Dazzle
– Grill a Supercharged Fajita
Rewards: 800 coins, 5 XP

The Final Round
– Bake a Chocolate Honey Huckleberry Pie
– Share a Big Piece of Pie with 2 Judges
Rewards: 10 XP, 400 coins, Toucan

And there you have it! These are The Ville Summer Barbecue Grill goals released by Zynga this week, I hope you have a great time completing these missions!