This week, The Ville is challenging us to become the greatest stylists in the game and for that Zynga delivers the Urbane Closet which comes with a new series of missions and a bunch of goodies attached to it. I am here to share with you all the details about the Urbane Closet quests in the Ville, so let’s not waste any time and let’s check out the requirements and rewards!

License to Style
– Own the Urbane Closet
– Ask Friends for 3 More Ribbon
Reward: 2 XP & 50 coins

Shopping Spree
– Own 6 Shoes
– Own 4 Hats or Accessories
– Ask Friends for 3 Designs
Reward: 2 XP & 100 coins

All Hail the Shoes
– Build the Closet
– Admire your Shoes (Click on Closet and choose ‘Admire Shoes’)
– Place your new Urbane Chaise (available after finishing the Closet)
Reward: 5 XP & 125 coins

Shoes, Schmooes!
– Research 6 Fashion Trends (from Magazines or Bookshelves)
– Compare Styles with Neighbors
– Ask Friends for Designs
Reward: 2 XP & 75 coins

The Finishing Touch
– Buy 4 More Outfits
– Upgrade your Urbane Closet
– Try on 2 Clothes
Reward: 2 XP & 75 coin

William Designs
– Print an Advertising Spread – Use the Printer to start this Job
– Drop 4 Ads in Neighbors’ Mailboxes – Click Neighbor’s Mailbox and click ‘Drop Advertisements’
– Have 5 Style
Rewards: 2 XP & 75 coins

Makeover Time
– Upgrade Your Urbane Closet
– Style Your Friends 6 times – Select ‘Style’ on Urbane Closet (level 3) and then click on a neighbor
– Compliment Friends’ Styles 6 times
Reward: 10 XP & 100 coin

Ethan’s New Look
– Give Ethan a New Look – Click Urbane Closet and choose ‘Style Ethan’ and then click on Ethan.
– Gossip About Ethan 6 times
– Collect 10 Measuring Tape
Reward: 5 XP & 75 coin

A Big Thank You
– Build a Walk-In Closet
– Buy Another Urbane Closet
– Have 5 Big Dreams
Reward: 5 XP & 400 coin

And there you have it! These are the Urbane Closet Quests in The Ville, a very impressive and really challenging mission series.