It’s all about love and peace in The Ville with the latest update that brings us the Flower Power goals, a new set of missions that we have to complete in the game – and I am sure you’ll love doing it, since they are so fun, as you will see.

I am here to share with you all the details about the Flower Power goals in The Ville, so check out the details and requirements below!

Perchance to Dream
– Have a Flower Power Bed
– Plant 5 Pink Tulips
Rewards: 2 XP & 75 coins

The Inner Light
– Collect 10 Dye – Ask friends or click on Cabinets
– Collect 5 Thread – Ask friends or click on Dressers
– Ask Friends for 10 Rubber Bands
Rewards: 2 XP, 75 coins & Venus on the Halfshell Painting

Family Ville
– Put on a Tie-Dye Shirt
– Collect Chrysanthemums
– Ask friends for 10 Zen – Ask friends or find in the garden
Rewards: 2 XP & 75 coins

The Flower Power Bed
– Finish the Flower Power Bed
– Have 3 Lava Lamps
– Collect Big Dreams – Ask friends or get from sleeping
Rewards: 2 XP, 75 coins, & Blue Lotus Rug

Sounds of Sleep
– Have an Ally Soaring V Guitar
– Have a Jam Session on the Alloy Soaring V
– Be a Super Star on the Harmoniza Karaoke Machine
Rewards: 2 XP & 75 coin

Little Sophie in Dreamland
– Call over Neighbors
– Cook Margherita Pizza
– Make Flower Power Whoopie
Reward: 2 XP & 75 coins

And these are the Flower Power goals in The Ville, a pretty nice series that I am sure you’ll enjoy completing! What do you think about the missions?