destiny-onlineThe free to play, 2D MMORPG Destiny Online is receiving the first expansion pack, The Power of Crimson from developers Ingle Games. The expansion is set to hit the servers on June 17, and we have some details about it, so you know exactly what you’ll be getting when the Power of Crimson is unleashed in the MMO.

One of the biggest features of the expansion will be the introduction of Crimson-Grade Equipment. A level up from the currently highest grade of Purple, Crimson Equipment will present you with more power that was ever imagined before.

Other additions include a new World Boss, a Soul Devourer in the Level-75 map “Sky Pit”, cool new outfits and accessories (monster packs and backpacks), powerful Super Pets (the hilarious Jack O’Lantern, the cutting-edge Excalibur, the elegant Naiad and the scary Hydra’s Head), a new maximum level – 130 – as well as improvements to existing quest and a new Tribal Mining Quest.

In other words, lots of extra and cool things will be added by this Destiny Online expansion, The Power of Crimson.