The premium Las Vegas Strip hotel and casino Linq could introduce an innovative gaming space. The owner of Linq, Caesars Entertainment Corporation, stated that holograms will enrich Linq amenities in the upcoming period.

At the moment, the complex includes The Re: Match Bar with a total of 27 touchscreens, enabling gamers to enjoy at-seat experience in a completely new dimension. The announcened holograms are part of an exciting atmosphere as well as Caesars intention to enlarge the gaming portfolio.

About Holographic Plans

Linq casino plans to include brand-new hologram games, controlled by gestures of the gamers. The holograms will be placed in the center of Linq casino and will come as a supplement of The Re: Match Bar attraction. It will allow players to enjoy games like tic-tac-toe, famous rock-paper-scissors, and many other formats. Everyone could take the picture and share the experience worldwide.

Enhanced Technological Amusement

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Linq casino will also introduce hologram-based dancers, eSport entertainment as well as an art installation. It will be followed by LED sculptures which will enable users to become part of unique artwork. In addition, players will see six virtual bays used for this purpose. It means that players will have the role of successful athletes, heroes or astronauts.

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Company Strategy for Further Growth

Vice-President for Gaming and Interactive Entertainment at Caesars Entertainment Corporation, Christian Stuart observed:

„My company is redefining the gaming experience”.

The idea behind the whole project is dedicated to casino gamblers. It is perceived that customers can find everything they need beyond the unique space. The hologram project appears at the same time when the enterprise is vending South-African properties. In addition, Linq has also dropped the idea for bidding in Hellinikon casino, which operates in Greece.

All these moves will contribute to further expansion of the Corporation. The company is already one of the most popular names in the gambling industry. With innovative entertainment and more facilities, customers will be attracted on a regular basis. In addition, properties will take a favorable strategical position. As for customers, they will be happy about the Rewards Programme and spend more cash and time at various venues.

Prepare for Linq casino Las Vegas and enjoy state-of-the-art offer even today. This is the unique opportunity to sample some of the best  casino games like poker, video slots and craps. We look forward to seeing world-class hologram games and hope to have more innovation projects form Caesars Entertainment Corporation.