If you love the games in the Final Fantasy franchise and, even more, games that feel a lot like Final Fantasy, you’ll surely enjoy The Last Remnant, a new game from Square Enix. Actually, you’ll even get your chance of trying your hand at the game since the Xbox 360 exclusive will be launched tomorrow in Europe!

Nobuyuki Ueda, game producer, said about the game: “Our goal with The Last Remnant was always to make a game that would be welcomed by a global audience. Our fans across Europe have been very supportive towards us, and we wanted to give them the opportunity to play the game at the same time as fans in Japan. We hope they’ll enjoy playing The Last Remnant as much as we have enjoyed making it.”

The game features a new battle system allowing for larger scale battles to be delivered together with high quality visuals, a “selective encounter system” that promises to eliminate pointless button mashing by allowing you to actually select which enemy to hit and, the cherry on top: the Unreal Engine to take care of the visual aspects of the game.