So, Naughty Dog’s smash hit  (obviously) The Last of Us is coming out really soon (June 14), and despite a brief snippet a while back that said the game was going to have a multiplayer component, we have heard nothing further.

All that changes today, however, as The Sixth Axis’ preview of the multiplayer is live.

It seems there will be a persistent world, with no competitive deathmatch style of gameplay. Instead, it will be team-based, with your usual assortment of perks and customisations. Some other interesting facts from the article:

  • Choose one of two clans.
  • There are two game types.
  • There are seven maps.

It seems there will be some kind of storyline behind the multiplayer, something about wanting to join one of two factions within the game. The two games modes, Supply Raid and Survivors, are described below:

The two game modes are Supply Raid and Survivors. Supply Raid sees players from each clan scavenging for supplies with a twenty-life limit, although anything crafted or bought is carried over if you die (assuming there are lives left). Survivors is more brutal: once you’re dead you’re dead until the end of the round, and there are seven rounds for each match.

So, a fun diversion, the main reason you are buying the game or a complete waste of time? Let us know, as usual.