As I am posting this, Pet Society is currently undergoing some maintenance. Once the game is live, be sure to check out the New Town Forest section of the map for the new Treasure Hunt feature. Here your pet can dig for treasure.

Treasure Hunt is a new feature in Pet Society where you can find items that are not found anywhere else in game. At present the only map available where you can dig for treasures is the Town Forest. Here you can find ten treasures, including the rare Forest Aquarium.

Each week there will be new themes for the treasure. This week you need to find seven pieces for the Dinosaur Skeleton. If you have found a treasure that you already have, you can gift it to your friend, like any normal items.

Each day, your pet will get two shovels. This doesn’t accumulate. Therefore if you didn’t use it today, it will be gone tomorrow. If you want to dig more, you have to buy more shovels. Any shovels you bought will not disappear like the free shovels and you can use them anytime you want to.

In the future Playfish plans to add more maps and treasure in Pet Society. What do you think about this new feature? Like it or not?