June 16 is the Dragon Boat Festival. It is a holiday that’s celebrated by Chinese, East Asian and South East Asian societies. Pet Society wants to honor this oriental tradition by bringing some items to help the pets get into the festive spirits.

There are four new mystery items in Pet Society this week. Two of the items are labeled This Week’s Special or TWS and will only be available this week. Let’s start with the TWS items. From the Red Mystery Box you have the chance to get the Colorful Lucky Charm. And from the Violet Mystery Box you have the chance to get the Red Festive Drum. Added this week to the list of items you can get from the Gold Expensive Mystery Box are the Pink Roses Flower Pot and the Pink Lotus Candle.

There are also decorative items that you can buy from the Garden and the Market shops. From the Garden, you can purchase the White Roses Pot. Then from the Market there are four TWS items up for grabs. These are the Green Festive Flag, Red Festive Gong, Festive Dragon Decoration, and the Red Dragon Bench.

These are just some items that are available in Pet Society. Playfish has a lot of new items and stuff in store for Pet Society players this week. Go log in and check the new stuffs in game.