Pet Society and County Story has them and this time mystery boxes arrive in Restaurant City. Dubbed as Magic Box in game, it contains random items, which only found through the box.

At present, the items you can loot from the Magic Boxes include Pink Tiger, Pink Bunny Arcade Machine, Black Unicorn, Ultra Atomic Stove and the Blue Teleport Stove. These items are available for a limited time. Be sure to buy a Magic Box for a chance to get one today.

There will be new items added to the Magic Boxes in the future. If you’re eyeing one of the items in the Magic Boxes, you have a one out of five chance to get it. The bad news is that these are not purchased through Restaurant City coins. You need to have Playfish Cash for them.

Magic Boxes don’t come cheap. You need Playfish Cash to purchase them. A single Magic Box costs 8 Playfish Cash. You can opt to buy a bundle of five Magic Boxes for 40 Playfish Cash. You’ll get one for free. Or you buy ten Magic Boxes for 80 Playfish Cash and you get three free.

I know Playfish need to make money but hopefully there’s a mystery box in Restaurant City for people who don’t want to spend much on games.