The CrewThe console beta for The Crew is rolling out today, however, progress made will not be transferred over to the full game, Ubisoft has confirmed.

Following on from the PC beta, Ubisoft has been issuing codes for the Xbox One and PS4 closed beta for the open-world racer, and will go live later today.

The games creative director, Julian Gerighty, explained to Examiner why progress will not be carried over to the full game: “This is the thing, all of our betas so far have been technical betas,” he said, “They are not marketing betas. They are not there for anything else except for learning how we can make the experience better when we launch.

“They are also to get feedback from the community, but it’s not a marketing beta. There are lots of functions that probably won’t be turned on.”

He concluded that: “Please play it, but it’s a technical beta and you shouldn’t expect everything to be unlocked and transfer to the full game.”

The beta is available to those who registered their interest in the console beta and have been lucky enough to have been selected. There is still time to register your interest in the beta by following this link.

At the beginning of the month, developer Ivory Tower announced that they had managed to fix over 4000 bugs in 30 days along with a number of changes to gameplay, graphics and user interface following the PC beta.

The Crew is set for release on the 11th November PC, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

What are your thoughts on progress not carrying over?