You don’t have to be a Wii fan to say that you’re looking forward to The Conduit, a first person shooter in development over at High Voltage studios, a game that will push the visual boundaries of Nintendo’s console to the limit. However, instead of a 110% focus on the game (which still has no publisher), as we’d like them to have, High Voltage has other plans.

We’re talking about another WiiWare project (their latest game, Gyrostarr, must’ve been a huge success), a fun racing title named High Voltage Hot Rod Show. The game supposedly comes with a unique stunt system as well as multiplayer support for up to four players.

It’s not exactly a game to make you go “Wow!” like the conduit but it will probably generate some profits – High Voltage is slowly building a name and they’re taking full advantage of that. Hopefully, they will not continue releasing just WiiWare titles, but full big games, too.

Anyway, if you’re interested in seeing more from High Voltage Hot Rod Show, check the YouTube video below:

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