Mobile apps are what makes mobile content consumption (aka fun) so great. They are the real force and reason behind the ever increasing usage of smartphones and tablets around the globe. However, some of them are quite insistent in draining the last bits of our bandwidth, thoroughly messing up with our LTE plans. This is a pain for any iOS mobile users, not to mention casino lovers who have a knack for playing on their mobile device. If you want to read up more on apps that are “bandwidth friendly” check out Now, on with the list!

1. YouTube – the unquestionable winner when it comes to hogging the data bandwidth on your mobile device, YouTube is a real nightmare if you aren’t careful with your video streaming. This includes similar apps such as Vimeo or Twitch (for game-streaming purposes). Why is YouTube’s app notorious best known for bursting past your LTE data plan? Well, you guessed it – HD and 2K / 4K video streaming. That’s right. Every time you want to listen to music or want to check that podcast – video update of your favorite vloger or whatever, the data starts going down the drain like crazy due to the huge amount of the videos. While YouTube does downgrade the quality in order to lower the video size, they are still quite considerable even in 720p resolution. So, next time you want to watch the latest Marvel trailer, make sure to do so on your Wi-Fi.


2. Skype (video calls) – while we get the WhatsUp crazy it is still Skype which allows us direct video calls free of charge. Still, this is again video we are taking about so it should come as no surprise that Skype is out to hog your bandwidth with some insane data, especially if you are keen on talking long hours with your friends, fiancée or whomever you deem is worth of sharing screen time. There’s always a better alternative – if you don’t mind typing on your device, that is.

3. Facebook – now hold on you might say. How is Facebook anything other than a over bloated app that if left unchecked can pretty much choke your device with useless data? Well, you will be totally right! Facebook’s latest “innovations” like turning any video “always on” makes them loading and playing EVEN IF YOU DIDN’T CLICK ON THEM. It is quite ridiculous and can cause your bandwidth to go bananas. Even if video isn’t part of the equation, pictures and gif alone can make up quite a pile so keep this in mind. Our recommendation – use the browser-based app for Facebook. Easy on the data and way easier on your phone.


4. Dropbox – this is an excellent app for the cautious and organized internet user of the 21 century. Cloud storage is a big thing today and it should remain so because it is awesome. However, data cap limits are a thing (still) and having your app update itself and everything that’s connected on your device, especially if you love movies and huge collection of audio tracks, then get ready for some real trouble. Not only do cloud based apps require a lot of bandwidth to function, they also are quite notorious when it comes to “updates” and regular “refreshing” of content.

5. Pandora / iTunes / any music streaming app – yes, we all love music. We all love listening to our tracks and podcasts and whatever. What all of these have in common, apart from good listening vibes are the big charges to our internet bill if left unchecked. Seriously, stream an album less than 400 MB’s… we dare you.