In today’s age, if people have an issue they tend to turn towards technology for the resolution. This is a natural reaction, as technology and innovation has grown to influence almost every action and task that we complete on a daily basis. If you are struggling to manage your finances, for example, there are an incredible range of mobile applications to help provide practical assistance. The same principle applies to every aspect of modern life, while a growing number of apps are being created and released on a daily basis.

For anyone who is struggling to manage their time and optimise productivity, there are several mobile apps that can provide assistance.

Dragon Dictation


Note making can be extremely difficult and time consuming, especially of these documents then need to reviewed and shared within a specific network. The Dragon Dictation iPhone app has been designed to ease this process considerably, however, as you can narrate your notes and share them directly through social media or email in real-time. This helps you to maintain efficiency and accuracy, while creating additional time to undertake more important and strategic management tasks.



A common feature of all top mobile productivity application lists, EasilyDo essentially works as a real-time personal assistance that can manage a number of online activities including Facebook updating, calendar management and email distribution. It can also send multiple reminders, enabling you to plan your time without being forced to organise manually using sheets of paper. This app is a huge boon for busy professionals, especially those who have to juggle their career with personal commitments. Clearly this covers almost everyone, so the demand for this application will grow to new heights in the next twelve months.

Evernote Scannable


Free to download, the Evernote Scannable can quickly scan notes, business cards and documents using little more than a smartphone and its camera function. It is quick and easy to use, while it is also compatible with Evernote’s more comprehensive business application. This can also be utilised as a visual money management app, which records bills and payment dates and helps you keep track of your bankroll at Betfair casino. Visual aids are often the best, so this app has huge value for money-conscious individuals and those who are looking to save for a big ticket purchase or special occasion.