Double the stupidity, double the Minigun spam. Team up with another hulking mass of meat and raise hell on the other team!

– Have one Heavy act as a distraction, peppering the battlefield with suppressive fire. The other Heavy should sneak around the other side and flank them. Remember: a sneaky Heavy is a deadly one.

– Another different route would be to stick together, watching each other’s backs. This is great for Attacking rounds where Spy’s can easily flank Heavies. Spy check so your friend’s back stays clean.

– Try not to have the same weapon as the other Heavy. Easier to adapt when you have different types of weaponry. Plus, it may give you a chance to switch up.

– One Medic but two Heavies? The one less hurt shouldn’t take the heal, since Medics will heal the one with lower health faster.

– If you are running out of ammo, don’t take the Medic’s uber. You don’t want to hear that empty clicking sound when trying to mow down a Sentry.

Enjoy these basic tips, as we will be dipping into the finer strategies next Heavy related post.