Minecraft 1.8 Details (Patch Details)

Minecraft 1.8 Details (Patch Details)

The Minecraft 1.8 version (or 1.8 patch) is here and I am happy to share with you, below, all the changes and improvements that version 1.8 delivers. So read on to find them all.

New Creative Mode
– Built in flying by double tapping jump
– Instant mining
– Inventory screen replaced with Item Selection screen
– Unlimited resources

New Options in Terrain Builder
– Abandoned Mine Shafts
– NPC Villages
– Ravines
– Strongholds

New Biomes & Biome Features
– Increased biome sizes
– Mountains
– Swamps
– Oceans
– Rivers flow between biomes

New Mobs
– Cave Spider – Smaller spiders that appear in Abandoned Mine Shafts, poisonous effect
– Enderman – Tall, skinny mob that becomes aggressive when looked at, hurt by water
– Silverfish – Stone type creatures that rarely hide in stone type blocks

New Blocks
– Brick Slabs
– Brick Stairs
– Fence Gates
– Glass Panes
– Iron Bars
– Melons
– Melon Seeds
– Stone Bricks
– Stone Brick Slabs
– Stone Brick Stairs

New Combat Features
– Added critical hits
– Ability to block incoming attacks
– Arrows now stick out of mobs they hit
– Click and hold to charge bows for more powerful attacks

New Farming Items
– Pumpin vines from Pumpin Seeds
– Melon vines from Melon Seeds
– Tall grass now spreads

New Food System
– Eating animation
– Eating raw food can poison you
– Food bar that heals indirectly
– Most food is now stackable
– New food items

New Experience System
– Killing mobs grants experience for leveling up

New Sprinting Ability
– Double tap up button to sprint, depletes food bar
– Hitting a mob while sprinting sends the mob flying
– Jumping while sprinting makes you jump farther

Mob Changes
– Animals are now persistent, they don’t despawn
– Passive mobs will sometimes flee when attacked
– Pigs now have real snouts
– Zombies drop Rotten Flesh instead of Feathers

Improved Lighting
– Lighting is now updated via texture
– Blocks are now tinted based on the light source on them

New Textures & Particle Effects

– Critical hits create sparks
– Fog underground is thicker
– New texture for Moss Stone

Lots of Bug Fixes & Smaller Changes

Isn’t Minecraft 1.8 simply amazing?