Super Scribblenauts, the brand new Scribblenauts game introduces the concept of Merits, which are special achievements that you can unlock for performing a specific task in the game. I am here to share with you a complete list of the Super Scribblenauts merits and a guide on how to get them all – it’s pretty simple, as long as you keep playing the game and you know what to do.

So check out below the Super Scribblenauts merits!

5th Cell: Spawn a 5th Cell employee.
All New: Complete a level with objects you have never used before.
Architect: Write two buildings.
Arrrrrr: Attach the Jolly Roger to a flagpole.
Audiophile: Write two or more instruments or audio objects.
Bioterrorist: Introduce the plague and infect two or more people.
Botanist: Write two or more plants.
Chauffeur: Drive a vehicle with more than one passenger.
Chef: Write two or more foods.
Closet: Write two or more clothes.
Combo: Combine any two objects together.
Cupid: Shoot a humanoid with Cupid’s arrow.
Decorator: Write two furniture objects.
Electrolysis: Shock someone with electricity.
Elemental: Write more than one element.
Entertainer: Write two or more entertainment objects.
Entomologist: Spawn two or more insects.
Environmentalist: Write two or more environmental objects.
Explosive: Spawn two or more objects that explode.
Exterminator: Two or more humanoids or animals start a level, and are destroyed.
Fantasynovel: Write two fantasy objects.
Fashion Designer: Cloth Maxwell’s head, body, legs, feet and give him an accessory.
Firefighter: Put out at least two fires.
Genius: Complete a level twice in a row.
Glutton: Feed someone or something three times in a row.
Gold Digger: Spawn three or more precious stones.
Grab and Go: Write two or more grabbing tool objects.
Haxxor: Write five or more developers.
Healer: Spawn two or more medical objects.
Herpetologist: Write two or more reptiles.
Humanitarian: Write two or more humans.
Infected: Spawn a zombie and make it infect at least two humanoids.
Janitor: Spawn two or more cleaning objects.
Jockey: Use an animal as a vehicle.
Joust: Defeat a knight while Maxwell is mounted.
Knight School: Kill a dragon using a melee weapon.
Luddite: Short out three or more objects.
Lumberjack: Cut down three or more trees.
Mad Hatter: Place a hat on four or more humanoids or animals.
Magician: Use the magic wand to turn something into a toad.
Marine Biologist: Write two or more fish.
Mechanic: Jump start a vehicle.
Messiah: Turn a humanoid into a deity.
Militant: Use two weapons and one weaponized vehicle.
Miner 49er: Dig a massive hole.
Miser: Obtain a total of 300,000 or more Ollars.
New Object: Write a completely new item.
No Weapons: Do not write a weapon to complete a level.
Novice Angler: Catch a fish with a fishing pole.
Old School: Write two or more classic videogame objects.
Organ Donor: Spawn two or more organs.
Ornithologist: Write two or more birds.
Paleontologist: Spawn two or more dinosaurs.
Pariah: Make 3 humanoids or animals flee.
Pi: Earn exactly 314 Ollars in a level.
Picasso: Write two or more drawing object tools.
Pilot: Spawn two or more aircraft.
Prodigy: Complete a level three times in a row.
Pyromaniac: Set at least four objects on fire in a level.
Reanimator: Bring a corpse back to life.
Roped In: Write two or more rope objects.
Russian Doll: Place an object inside another object, and then place that object into a third object.
Savior: Two or more humanoids or animals start and finish a level alive.
Sea Two: Write two or more sea vehicles.
Series of Tubes: Spawn “tube” five times.
Shoveler: Spawn two or more digging objects.
Smasher: Write two or more melee weapons.
Smuggler: Hide an item in a container.
Split Personality: Write two or more cutting or splitting tool objects.
Stealth: Destroy a security camera.
Sweet Tooth: Write two or more junk foods.
Tooling Around: Write two or more tool objects.
Washington: Chop down a Cherry tree.
Water Jockey: Use a sea animal as a vehicle.
Whisperer: Ride a hostile animal.
Zookeeper: Write two or more animals.

I’m sure you’ll have a great time trying to unlock all these Super Scribblenauts Merits/ Achievements!