super-mario-tableYour coffee would taste much better on this awesomely hot Super Mario Bros. 3 table, as you can probably imagine for yourself. The man who did this completely awesome coffee table “only” needed a regular table with a cork top attached, a photoshopped copy of the Super Mario Bros 3 cover, lots of pushpins, plus the helping hands of his girlfriend for when his own hands started to ache.

As he explains on his blog, it was not an easy process: “I cut the cork board to fit the inside of the table and began putting the push pins down following the pattern of the file i created in photoshop. My girlfriend helped me with the push pins because it became really painful after a while. The next step was putting the pipes on the legs of the table. This required some trimming and sanding of the width of the legs in order for the pipes to fit.”

However, in the end, the result was great as you can see for yourself. And now I’m completely sure that the artist enjoys his coffee better than we, regular coffee-table owners do. But he totally deserves it!