With regular updates coming every Friday at swtor.com, this Friday saw an interesting new video.

The update details a new Player vs. Player (PvP) Warzone called “Huttball,” which can be found in BioWare’s upcoming highly anticipated story-driven MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic. War Zones in SWTOR are the game’s equivalent to battlegrounds commonly found in other MMOs where players team up against one another to duke it out in an arena-type setting.

Taking place on the neutral world of Nar Shaddaa in the SWTOR universe, Huttball can pose players to fight against the opposite faction, as well as their own. Though fighting is not the object of this War Zone, it is highly encouraged by Giradda the Hutt, whose favor you are trying to win.

Traversing a “deathtrap filled with acid, fire and other nasty surprises,” according to Director of Production, Dallas Dickinson, players will be trying to carry the ball from the center of the field to their respective goal lines. Each time the ball is carried across the goal line, that team scores a point.

Huttball joins Alderaan as an announced War Zone for SWTOR. The game has no official release date, but is slated to be released “holiday 2011.”