star-trek-onlineRumors regarding a possible February 2 release date for Star Trek Online started to be heard a while ago, but today Atari confirmed them: indeed the upcoming MMO developed by Cryptic Studios will hit US shores on February 2, 2010 (and February 5 in Europe).

If you have faith that Star Trek Online will be as cool as it promises to be, you can pre-order it already at or other similar websites.

If you decide to pre-order the game following the link to Amazon, you will get access to the Star Trek Online beta and an exclusive Borg Bridge Officer. On the other hand, Gamestop are having their own share of goodies for those who pre-order that game from their outlets: a Constitution-class starship that looks just like the Enterprise in the original TV series. Pretty cool bonuses, tough choice to make!

But while you try to decide which offer works best for you – if any – you can also check out the recently release Star Trek Online trailer which is simply amazing. Fans are drooling and I am sure that even a bunch of Star Wars diehard fans will enjoy playing the game. Check out the amazing but short trailer below: