It’s not only Mexican Week in Pet Society next week. Spring is in the air and there’s no better way to feel it than getting spring items from the brand new Spring Faerie Mystery Eggs. There will be eleven new items to collect, including the Spring Faerie Table and the Spring Faerie and the Spring Faerie Seat.

You can also honor your mom in Mother’s Day by sending gifts from the Boutique. These gifts will remain wrapped in the special Mother’s Day Mystery Box until May 9, 2010. A Mystery Gift can contain a Elegant Dinner, Spa Bath Tub or a Summer Picnic.

You can also decorate your house for Mother’s Day by buying several items. In the Markey (Party & Gifts Section) you can find a Light Pink Heart Balloon, White Heart Balloon, Mother’s Day Daisy Bouquet, and a Mother’s Day Daisy Card.

In the Toys & Collectibles section you can buy a Pet Catrinas Plushie. In the Grocery there’s the Mother’s Day Heart Cake.

If you don’t want to turn your house into a Mexican one, you can opt for these items instead. I know someone who will enjoy getting these pink items for her home.


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