It looks players need to invest more on stamina in Mafia Wars if they want to clear the whole grid in Mafia Wars. Robbing in Bangkok, Cuba and Moscow require double the stamina today compared to the time Robbing is introduced in these cities.

Players need to have at least 200 stamina to clear the whole grid when Robbing in Bangkok, Cuba and Moscow. The good news is that New York was spared from the update and you can still clear a grid with a minimum of 100 stamina.

Clearing the grid is important when Robbing because it gives you the chance to loot diamonds for the Stolen Diamond Collection. Not only that, Robbing more properties means you’ll receive more experience and loots.

With this new development in Robbing, players need to place more points in their stamina or else they can’t benefit much from robbing. But I do wish Zynga rethink this move and rollback to the time robbing didn’t require a lot of stamina.

What do you think about the increased stamina requirement for Robbing? Will you place more points on stamina or invest in other Stats such as Attack or Defense for you Mafia Wars Character?