ps-homeTons of new content is being prepared to hit the PlayStation Home in an upcoming update – that’s what we know for sure – but unfortunately not all the plans are detailed. However, thanks to Home’s community manager we now have more info than ever and I must admit that I’m impressed. So let’s check out Sony’s plans to update the PlayStation Home now!

First of all, we know that a bunch of new spaces – the Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and SOCOM: Confrontation ones are “due within a few weeks”, just like the upcoming purchasable Street Fighter IV clothes. On the other hand, Siren: Blood Curse, Resident Evil 5 and Warhawk content is still being prepared and details were promised for another time.

Home’s community manager also talked about the music support and admitted that there are quite a few problems related to this implementation: “Playing your own music to others within Home is an extremely complex licensing issue that will take time to solve, if it is at all possible,” he said. However, a revised Home Square will be coming in early March to ease your pain a little.

Finally, he said that there are much more things “in the works” but he can’t give any details. But they’re coming. And they’re big. And we’re waiting.