Software Aid to Sharpen Your Child's Addition and Subtraction Skills

Mathematics is a beautiful subject that can be as intimidating and frustrating as rewarding for students. At a young age, kids learn math fact fluency skills which are essential for learning more difficult concepts throughout grade levels. Learning fact families and compatible numbers lays the foundation for learning strategies for addition and subtraction. Kids will learn about partial sums, expanded form, and decomposition strategies. There are a number of online tools available for students to learn these strategies. In particular, Kids: Academy has the Talented and Gifted program, a math learning app, available both in the Apple Store and Google Play. 

Within the Talented and Gifted program, there are over 1200 math learning activities geared towards grade Pre-K to 3. The program includes many activities such as, videos, worksheets, games, and quizzes. Much of the content is focused around building fluency in addition and subtraction skills. And within each math course, kids will navigate through chapters and lessons to reach the various activities listed above. 

Check out an example lesson video here. Kids learn about fact families and how three numbers are related by addition and subtraction. Next, they might navigate to a game like the one below to practice their skills. 

Additional practice is found with the vibrant worksheets. Kids will use problem solving skills, spatial reasoning, and deductive reasoning in conjunction with already mastered basic facts to complete different tasks.  


There are also many interactive quizzes available to check one’s knowledge. For example in the one below kids use base ten blocks to practice regrouping when adding numbers with three digits.  

Students, parents, and teachers will find the Kids Academy: Talented and Gifted program to be a multi-subject educational toddler app. It was created with collaboration among experts in elementary education and developed for kids ages 2-10. Not only does the program contain grade-aligned curricula in mathematics, but it also includes content in English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and other subjects. Kids Academy has more than 4000 auto-scored play-and-learn activities. Kids will find the program intuitive and friendly to use with its bright and stylish graphics. Additionally, kids earn rewards throughout the program which helps with motivation in learning more topics. In the program, kids will interact with Eddie the Elephant, the app’s adorable protagonist. They can redeem rewards to dress up Eddie the Elephant in fun costumes.

The creators of Kids Academy: Talented and Gifted program, also developed a selection of other fun apps, check this webpage to learn more. The ample variety of online resources provide kids with choices, and allows them the opportunity to take ownership with their learning experiences.