People mostly prefer playing video games, which has missions, Shooting, Racing and exploding. But, then some of the games are tantalizing yet funny at the same time. Funny games are not as tedium as we think really.

They challenge us in a funnier and different way to face and solve the problem, and that little joy we get after winning. They make us look silly but who cares honestly, as far as we are enjoying. I

t not only provides us the happiness of winning but researchers say that such games can help us mentally getting sharped and the ones who are suffering from mental illness and struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder and neurodegenerative diseases. There are a lot of games being recommended to the people who have memory and concentration issues.

Funny games make us smart, or at least happy. There are dozens of people we have come to meet shared their experiences with us. Many Apps includes a wide range of visual, memory, logic and language games. These games have their own significance which can be observed when from a kid to adult, everybody gets fond of playing them in the phones and PCs too. Games that have a comedy at their core are also humorous on the other side.

What makes a game funny and smart at the same time? Well, The replay ability and how engaging the game is. A player should get to learn strategic planning and adjust different skills and play mode in order to get fun. Goat Simulator is one of the games because you become a goat clip-clocking around the city destroying the history possessed museums, Rushing into the house and ruining the barbeques and all, That will leave you helpless with your laughter.

Time Twins Mosaics

 Time Twins Mosaics is a very interesting game which lets you choose your character to join the team which travels to the past experiencing the industry, invention, and history of travel. The journey starts with easy puzzles in the era of earlier industries but the difficulty increases by the time you reach the space age. The game is quite impressive because it’s challenging and relaxing at the same time.

The game features 100 levels across twenty different stages. Every stage depicts a different period of ages from days of coal to space travel like imagine how interesting it gets. The game doesn’t get boring at any puzzle, and the fun and curiosity remain all constant. The latest version of the game is a bit different from before and features spooky costumes, haunted lands, and tricky puzzles.

Korean Game, GO

One game that is apart from the computer, Which is an ancient Korean board game also known as “GO.” Which is considered as brain food? The study says that brains of baduk players had superior connectivity in the frontal lobe, the limbic system and the sub-cortex of the brain.

Meaning these players have extraordinary memory and concentration which enhances their skill to solve the problems. Games like this are meant to boost cognitive reserve of brains because you have to adapt depending on whether you’re winning or losing and develop new strategies for next time.

Fantasy Mosaics

Similar challenges like board games lie in the digital puzzle games; One is a Fantasy Mosaics where penguins are transported to a fairyland garden full of wondrous locations where they explore it and solve the mosaic the puzzles.

The storyline is cute and built on a fantasy world gives you logical problems to solve. You create pictures by filling the square in a grid. There are 33 parts of this gem – so, you’ll have what to play in case you love it!

The Battle Cats

If you’re on the go and wouldn’t mind playing a funny game on your phone, then download the game “The battle of cats.” I’m sure the name sounded funny, but it’s more fun playing it.

As weird the game seems in the pictures it’s simple that you get to choose which cat are you and then send to the battle where you get a cat cannon to fire. Its better to see that to let us explain it for you.


Scrabble, Well it ain’t funny but surely a game which will conclude if you’re smart or not. This game is played widely and people of every age like to play it. It’s a modern scrabble board game which tests your puzzle and word skills. If one wants a challenge and wants to solve a problem within mean time then why are you missing out “Floors Escape”? It challenges you to break out and get to the next floor in the building in the time given. The interesting part is when you get to use the tools available to escape with your own creativity. You figure out yourself what tools exactly you need to escape.


This game is for the fans of simulation lovers, Then you got to play this game. This game came out in 2016 for PC, PS4, and XBOX. Overcooked is a frantic cooking simulation game that offers a funny but competitive scenario. It features insane moving kitchens with different obstacles and hurdles and between all of this mess players must rapidly prepare different recipes and deliver the orders within time. It’s a crazy game for everybody especially it enables you to play it with friends, Not just one but three at a time, Depends upon the campaign you choose.