We’re back with some more Say the Word cheats for the iPhone game and this time we’re going to check out 15 more levels, resulting that in this article we have the Say the Word answers for levels 16 – 30. Oh, what a joy it will be to share them with you because the puzzles are simply brilliant!

But before we get there, let me remind you that we have also published the Say the Words answers for the first 15 levels, make sure to check them out too (and even more are coming!) Now let’s not waste any time and let’s check out the Say the Word answers for levels 16 – 30 below!

Say the Word Level 16 answer

Images: Tiger and trees
Answer: Tiger Woods

Say the Word Level 17 answer

Images: Ferris Wheel and Blacksmith
Answer: Will Smith

Say the Word Level 18 answer

Images: Blue jay and sea waves
Answer: Jay Z

Say the Word Level 19 answer

Images: Seal, blue man doing the limbo and color green
Answer: Cee Lo Green

Say the Word Level 20 answer

Images: Fire, dog leash and blue sheet
Answer: Charlie Sheen

Say the Word Level 21 answer

Image: Deer and Rake
Answer: Drake

Say the Word Level 22 answer

Images: Teeth, big boss smoking cigar and bush
Answer: George Bush

Say the Word Level 23 answer

Images: Man pointing at himself, jackpot, billiards ball and legs
Answer: Mila Kunis

Say the Word Level 24 answer

Images: Hoe, runner winning a race, well and sunset
Answer: Owen Wilson

Say the Word Level 25 answer

Images: Men wrestling and crow
Answer: Russell Crowe

Say the Word Level 26 answer

Images: Gates, tea bag and strawberries
Answer: Katy Perry

Say the Word Level 27 answer

Images: Girl smiling, moon and hay
Answer: Tina Fey

Say the Word Level 28 answer

Images: People singing, man winning a race and price tag showing price of 0
Answer: Oprah Winfrey

Say the Word Level 29 answer

Images: Man pointing at himself, gun and fox
Answer: Megan Fox

Say the Word Level 30 answer

Images: Waist, tee shirt and coin
Answer: Fifty Cent

And this is it! We have managed to complete 15 more levels, even though I personally had to use the entire arsenal of help, hints and answers. But we did it and I hope you found this article extremely helpful. If you did, don’t forget to share it with your friends and come back for more!

Update: Looking for more answers? We have them here for the next 15 levels!