We’re back with more Say the Word answers for you and this time we’re quickly going to check out the puzzles of levels 31 – 45. Again, some very brilliant puzzles that are at the same time insanely difficult, so let’s not waste any time and let’s check them out.

There is one thing we have to do before this, though: let you know that we have some more answers, for levels 1 – 15 and 16 – 30. And now we can move on and check out the answers for Say the Word, the new challenge!

Say the Word level 31 answer

Images: Man pointing forward, girl singing, lightning strike
Answer: Usain Bolt

Say the Word level 32 answer

Images: Sunset, baby eating, woodpecker and bacon
Answer: David Beckham

Say the Word level 33 answer

Images: Bear and grill
Answer: Bear Grylls

Say the Word level 34 answer

Images: Band singing, tin can and beaver
Answer: Justin Bieber

Say the Word level 35 answer

Images: Tie, fish hook and strawberry
Answer: Tyler Perry

Say the Word level 36 answer

Images: Eye, kid eating icecream, bald man and athlete lifting a trophy
Answer: Alec Baldwin

Say the Word level 37 answer

Images: Tim, tea, bow
Answer: Tim Tebow

Say the Word level 38 answer

Images: Mitten, drum and X-Ray
Answer: Mitt Romney

Say the Word level 39 answer

Images: Jail, chicken, smiley
Answer: Jay Leno

Say the Word level 40 answer

Images: Teeth and man wearing a ribbon
Answer: Unknown. Maybe you can help?

Say the Word level 41 answer

If you have the answer, please share it with us!

Say the Word level 42 answer

Coming soon!

Say the Word level 43 answer

Say the Word level 44 answer

Say the Word level 45 answer

Aaaand we got stuck! We were so close to completing all the levels up to lvl 45, but we got stuck. If you have the answers, let us know.