Kindred Spirits tells the lovely story about a small winged young girl, living in her castle high above the skies. Her friend Icarus – a human with wings made from wax along with feathers – went missing, following the Titans sent a giant wave of fire over the whole world. He tried to stay clear of the dangerous fire-wall and flew higher than ever before. In this battle for surviving he forgot the clever words of his father, telling him to keep away from the high temperature of the sun’s rays. Caught between the sun’s rays and the destruction below, his burning wings no longer kept Icarus in the air and he shut down to earth. At this moment Icarus is lying who knows where in the mountains of the Olymp helpless and on it’s own!

Nyx missing her one and only friend commences her seek for Icarus and steps into the world of the humans. Here in this wrecked location she faces hazards never witnessed before. Burning Sands and dusty rocks build a risky and deadly setting. And not just that! Historic monsters of the past have made their exit from Hades. Hordes of Harpies are flying through the air and beneath the dry deserts even more dangerous creatures look for careless victims.

The gods of the Olymp didn’t forgotten small Nyx. Because they admire courage and solidarity the Gods decided to assist the little girl through her dangerous way. During her adventures Nyx will be taught to weild a number of the godly powers. Moving Rocks, catching fire-bolts as well as control the wind, when the gods are on your own side the world is yours. Battling with the black monsters and utilizing the powers of the gods Nyx will find her way to the missing Friend.

An amazing game play built around Nyx always gives the player  new obstacles and logical puzzles. Genuine physics and amazing visuals lift the game play into a completely new level of “Jump’n Fly” Games. With every new puzzle comes an alternative way to solve it. Each strength Nyx is going to be given has brand-new ways to help her through the lovely made levels. Get a rock and travel on it through the burning sand, catch fire-bolts and throw them back at your opponents as well as allow the winds aid you on your way up the mountains. The gamer constantly needs to learn how to use the awarded abilities properly to make his way ahead. Every new level waits with brand new puzzles, new dangers and many challenges. In an unique way Kindred Spirits builds along with the player and the story.