Matrix Games, Slitherine and Code Force are happy to announce the launch of a Modding Guide for Distant WorldsLegends, their successful expansion of the appreciated space strategy video game series Distant Worlds. This modding guide comes with in depth, still really simple to use details about how to modify a lot of the aspects of the title, mostly the brand new characters as well as the stats and details of the factions. Best of all, this guide is available for download at no cost!

Until now, Legends was a hit according to game critics and gamers, just like the two games released before it! One website gave Legends a score of 9 out of 10, saying that “Distant Worlds: Legends is a superlative expansion to an already fantastic sci-fi gaming experience.”

If you haven’t purchased the game yet, the developers are running a huge holiday sale that makes it a great time for you to purchase Distant Worlds. The core game is now available for purchase at a price of $26.99, while the expansion Return of the Shakturi costs $16.99, meaning that you can get both games 33% cheaper until the 8th of January.

Also, there is a new bonus to existing Distant Worlds players: for the whole duration of this holiday sale, Distant Worlds – Legends will cost $5 less than it usually does (which represents the same discount offered to new players that get the bundle). In other words, if you want to, you can receive the reduced price and purchase Legends for a sum of $19.99 and you won’t have to buy any other Distant Worlds game in order to activate the discount for the bundle pack. However, in order to run Distant Worlds – Legends, you must have both the original title as well as the expansion Return of the Shakturi.