Zynga added a new feature in Mafia Wars where it is easy to see who attacked you. When you visit the Fight page in game, you’ll see two buttons, which are Random and Rivals. Random is the Fight List that we are familiar with. It is a list of random people that you can fight.

Click on the Rivals button and you’ll see 2 lists. The first list is the Mafia You Attacked. These are ten people that you’ve recently attacked. The next list is Your Attackers. These are the ten people who have recently attacked you. You don’t need to look at your Player Updates to find out who attacked you.

Although it is nice to see who you attacked and who attacked you, the Rivals section doesn’t indicate what the result of the fights, whether you won or lost the fight. It would still be trial and error to find out if you can win against the people on the list.

Speaking of the Fight List, you might notice some names that are greyed out. These are players who are already iced. Now you’ll know who are still alive and can still be iced.