I am sure you’re really curious to find out more about the world of Risen 2 and that is exactly the reason why I have decided to write this article. Here, I will share with you all the maps of the islands in Risen 2: Dark Waters, including DLC maps and share with you all the locations (major locations, that is) to have a better picture of the whole thing.

I guess there’s no need to warn you about spoilers below (after all, it tells you everything about the game’s world), so let’s check out the Risen 2: Dark Waters maps and locations on the islands!

1. Risen 2 Antigua Map

Locations: Large waterfall, Harbour Town, Fishermen’s hut, Grotto, Mac’s tower, Spring

2. Risen 2 Caldera Map

Locations: High Council, Crystal Fortress, Beach

3. Risen 2 Dead Island Map

Locations: Altar of Transition, Arena, Entrance, Thief’s Temple

4. Risen 2 Isle of Thieves Map

Locations: Gnomes’ village, Treasure Cave, Port

5. Risen 2 Marakayskaya Bay Map:

Locations: Garcia’s ship, Shaman, Maracai village, Old Camp, Ancestral Grave

6. Risen 2 Isle of Storms Map (DLC):

Locations: Barrier, Port, Small camp, Air Temple

7. Risen 2 Sword Beach Map:

Locations: Port, Graveyard, Inquisition’s tower, Jade Cave, Pirates’ tower, Puerto Isabella, Shaganumbi village, Temple of the Ancestors, Earth Temple

8. Risen 2 Takarigua Map:

Locations: Large Gate, Jack’s lighthouse, Pirates’ den, Puerto Sacarico, Vasco’s Tower

9. Risen 2 Treasure Island Map (DLC):

Locations: Mangroves, Port, Groves

I hope that you will find these maps helpful! Cheers to the Rise forums for making these available.


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