I am a huge fan of third person RPGs and Gothic is one of my favorite series. Therefore, it’s no wonder that I instantly got hooked on Risen since it’s basically the same thing in a slightly different setting. Now the joy is about to get even bigger since Risen 2 Dark Waters has just been announced by Piranha Bytes.

With a new pirate-based theme, Risen 2 will tell the story of a world that has almost been destroyed by the rage of the Titans, a world where humanity almost stopped existing and their place was taken by all sorts of monsters, including hideous creatures that appeared from deep inside the oceans. Of course, your job will be that of finding a way to stop them, but it won’t be an easy ride!

The developers also promise that the new Risen RPG will come with improved gameplay mechanics, multiple solutions for solving the quests and therefore multiple ways to play the game (therefore, a bigger replay value). However, it was not announced yet when Risen 2 Dark Waters will be released, so we’re still wondering if it will be this year or in early 2012.