One of the aspects of the Resident Evil franchise that makes the game so difficult is ammunition, or the lack of ammo. You are hard pressed to find any spare rounds as you are trying desperately to survive. Luckily the generous people over at Capcom decided to build in some cheats that you can unlock in game to give players a easier and more fun way to kill zombies. Today we will be covering the 4 infinite ammo weapons in the Resident Evil 2 remake.


The unbreakable knife can be obtained once you have destroyed all 15 Mister Racoons

Below are all locations of Mister Racoons

Leon’s Story

  1. 1F West Office – North wall sitting on top of a filing cabinet
  2. 2F S.T.A.R.S Office – On a desk, southern wall behind a monitor
  3. B1 Firing Range – Under a target on the left side
  4. 1F Break Room – Behind brown bag next to bed
  5. 2F Art Room Hallway – After you open the shutter to the stairway, on a table to the left side
  6. 3F Clock Tower Hallway – West hallway down to the end, on a window to the left
  7. Sewer Entrance – After the giant crocodile sequence look behind you next to a heap of trash
  8. Sewer Incinerator – While playing Ada, after getting locked in the incinerator, look to the back on the floor
  9. Bottom Floor Waterway – When leaving the waterway using the stairwell, look to the left behind the metal table
  10. Lab Cafeteria – Near window, on a table
  11. Lab Nap Room – Once power has been restored, last bunk to the right

Claire’s Story Only

  1. East Storage Room – Storage shelf on the left
  2. Basketball Court – On the dash of the prison bus behind the police station
  3. Orphanage Front Hall – 2F room on the left, hidden inside a cubby

Claire’s Story Playthrough B Only

  1. Police Station Entrance – Proceed down then up the stairs and look in the back of the planter.

This weapon is a claire only firearm, but does have unlimited ammo capabilities if the proper steps are taken. To obtain infinite ammo you need to complete Claire’s story A or B on hardcore difficulty in less than two hours with no more than two manual saves and without using any other cheats. This will also net you a S+ rank.


All you have to do to unlock infinite ammo for both of these firearms is get a S rank on hardcore on any playthrough


Unlocking infinite ammo for the ATM-4 is very similar to the MAGNUM unlock, exept this time you have to play as Leon. Complete his story on hardcore difficulty with a S+ Rank, and complete in less than two hours with no more than 3 manual saves and without using any other cheats