quake-liveEven though wonderful and highly entertaining, id Software’s Quake Live needs money to keep running. However, Quake Live is a free to play MMOFPS so making money is not really the game’s strong point, even though there are advertisements here and there: apparently that is not enough and that’s why id is planning to introduce a premium subscription service to the game, in order to keep it running.

According to Shacknews, id Software’s founder John Carmack said during the QuakeCon: “The in-game advertising stuff has not been big business. That’s not going to be able to carry the project”.

Therefore, a premium subscription service will be introduced in Quake Live. Fortunately, it will be completely optional so if you still wish to play the MMOFPS for free, you will be able to – at least as long as the game doesn’t go to deep under water.

However, if you decide to go for the premium subscription, you will be able to run and customize your own server, which is a nice touch. Still, some other bonuses might be needed to lure players in and I’m sure that id is working on that too.

There was no price announced for the subscription service, nor a release date but it will be certainly coming sooner rather than later.