With the game already impressing people all over the world following its recent release, game developer Ben Mattes has decided to answer a few questions about Prince of Persia. So, following a week-long Q&A session over at the PlayStation blog, lots of essential questions were answered. Below you will find a little round-up of the whole thing.

The first question asked was about a possible release of a demo, but Ben Mattes said that there are no plans for one – at least not for the moment. Also, he explained that battles in Prince of Persia take place in “a duel mode in which every enemy has special attributes, a unique personality, cool moves, and his strengths and weaknesses “.

Asked about possible framerate issues on the PS3, the developer promised that PoP will have no problems or hiccups. Also, another good news for the PS3 owners: the game ships with trophies from day one!

Also, we were told that an “average player will probably take around 12-15 hours to finish the game if they do the bare minimum needed to complete it,” but the length could be increased to 18-20 hours if you decide to learn the backstories of the characters and get all the trophies. Also, Mattes said that the game’s world is “quite big” and, as expected, a lot of vertical play will be featured.

And probably the best way to end this round-up is by using Ben Mattes’ description of the recently released game: “Prince of Persia is a game with a balanced mix of acrobatics, combat and puzzle solving set in a fantastic Persian world where you control The Prince, the most agile warrior of all time as he Runs, Jumps, Flips and Fights his way towards saving the world. All the games are inspired by the 1001 night’s universe and feature an epic storyline with strong character development.”

Head over to the PlayStation blog if you wish to read the entire Q&A.