Play This: Cat God vs. Sun King

Play This: Cat God vs. Sun King

Well, I must admit that this is one really well chosen name for a game: Cat God vs. Sun King is certainly a title that you want to play as soon as you hear the name and I must tell you from start that you won’t regret doing it! It’s fun, it’s free and it’s quick, so Cat God vs. Sun King is exactly what you need for a Friday morning when you have absolutely no desire to work…

Cat God vs. Sun King is a defence game (mostly), where you have to use all your Cat God-esque powers and stop the Sun King create a huge temple with the help of his slaves. You’ll blast fireballs at the puny mortals, send sandworms to devour them and many more power-ups in a series of 12 levels that will certainly keep the challenge level high without making things impossible. The gameplay is very simple and fun even though its description might make it sound a little lame, trust me!

You also level up your powers at the end of each level based on how destructive each power was, you can unlock achievements and new powers, while the Sun King will always send in new enemies. As I said, even though pretty short (the 12 levels will probably be completed in around 20 minutes), Cat God vs. Sun King is a really nice flash game you can play for free and never regret you did.

Click here to play Cat God vs. Sun King