Play Rummikub on Facebook for Free

Play Rummikub on Facebook for Free

I must admit that ever since I have discovered Rummikub on Facebook, I’ve become addicted to it and I kept playing and playing and playing! Today, in a short break in between matches, I’ve decided to share the finding with you, so you can enjoy a great game you can play against people all over the world!

Rummikub (also known as Rummy-O, Rummycube, Rummyking and Rummy Tile) is a tile-based game for two to four players invented in Israel: now you can play it on Facebook here and it will be just an instant until you can actually start a game. The application has a “play now” button that simply takes you to a random room where people are waiting to play and the game can start immediately.

If you prefer, you can check out the available rooms in the lobby and choose the one you see fit: there are more room types you can choose from (TV, Sports, General etc) and tons of customizations you can make to the rooms: how many minimum players are required for a Rummikub game to start, their skill level, their minimum and maximum age, the timer’s speed, if you want to enable webcam and more! This way, you will make sure that the game will be fully customized when it starts: you can even add robot players if you can’t find an opponent (but usually you will!)

Except for the amazingness of the game itself, there are tons of other goodies to make your experience in Rummikub more pleasant: you can interact in multiple ways with other players, sending them virtual cocktails or kisses, tossing tomatoes at them and so on. Add to that a really active community, and you’ll have the perfect social game at hand!

You should definitely try out Rummikub yourself!


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