fall-of-the-lich-kingWorld of Warcraft has introduced the last patch before the highly anticipated Cataclysm update: the Patch 3.3, titled “Fall of the Lich King”. Except for some really cool updates and new addition, I must admit that I was really blown away by the Fall of the Lich King trailer – the video that can be watched embedded below. But first, let’s find out more details about the Patch 3.3 for World of Warcraft!

The most important thing introduced by the patch is the opening of the raid dungeon Ice Crown Citadel where the Lich King itself, Arthas, awaits to face the bravest of the brave. As you can imagine, the WoW staff already announces that fighting against Arthas will be “a very challenging encounter. We definitely have structured it in such a way that it presents a really big challenge to raiders, particularly on the heroic mode.” But I’m sure that challenge is something hardcore WoW players were expecting!

Interestingly, defeating the Lich King after the release with the patch 3.3 will get easier and easier as time will pass by – a new approach the Blizzard staff are trying with the Fall of the Lich King. Blizzard explains why they went for this approach: “The really cutting edge guilds can get their day in the sun and get their server firsts, but then players who really just want to see the content will eventually get there before Cataclysm.”

Apart for this amazing boss battle, the Fall of the Lich king will add tons of new goodies, like Tier 10 armor, new map interface, new raid features and much more. You can find out all the details about Patch 3.3 on the official Blizzard page.

And now relax and enjoy the video below, the amazing Fall of the Lich King trailer which is simply awesome!