mass-effectA tweet from Bioware GM Aaron Flynn reveals a little more information about the highly anticipated next chapter in the Mass Effect series. The employee described the game as “fresh but recognizable.” It’s playable and is “Ambitious. Beautiful. Fresh but recognizable. And fun!” 

This follows the N7 day celebration by Bioware which saw them tease a few pictures that are associated with the next game in the series. The studio also revealed that Commander Shepherd won’t be returning as his/her story arch was concluded with the trilogy. The game will also run on DICE’s latest Frostbite 3 engine.

Several weeks ago Aaron Flynn promised more details will be revealed as early as next year. He said, “More info sometime in 2014 I hope. That’s the most specific I can be[.]” Other than any other info regarding the game has been scarce.

(Via: IGN)


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