NBA 2K11 might just be the best basketball simulation game ever released, but unfortunately 2K’s title seems to have some problems attached, especially when it comes to the My Player game mode – suddenly the game refuses to work after the 13th or 14th game (usually) and all you are left to do is wonder if there is a way to fix the My Player Mode freezing issues.

Personally, I have tried everything in the book: changed the visual settings of the game, restarted the computer, restarted the game – I’ve even tried uninstalling or starting a new My Player mode in NBA 2K11 and the same thing happened – after around 14 matches, the game starts to freeze and becomes unplayable!

Apparently, there is no official response to this problem and no sure proof fixes, but you could try a little tweak that might just help you make it work: make sure you have multiple save files for the My Player mode and try saving VERY often, each time on a different slot – this way, you could reload a previous saved game and hope it won’t freeze anymore.

Another way to fix the freezing problem of the My Player mode is to try and simulate the game till the end – it won’t work always, but it doesn’t hurt trying!

Right now, there are no other fixes for the freezing problem and it seems that all we can do is wait for 2K to release a fix for the My Player mode.

If you have other solutions for this problem, please don’t hesitate to share them with us – maybe together we can work it out somehow!


  1. Mine does the same thing after game 5, i have since then started a new career and the SAME thing happened!!! smh it sucks cause I am loving this game but they need to do something about this, if someone can help me in the futre pls do, thanks

    • same thing with me. i was going into the 4th quarter with the best game of my short career and I was staring at the back of grant hill’s head for 20 minutes. since then i’ve never been able to play.

    • ya same thing is happening to me too, the game goes all the way to the end then when i click quit the game freezes on plese wait. idk wat to do?

  2. yeah its happening to me as well. my myplayer season is over and when i try to simulate through the offseson it freezes everytime no matter how many restart tries.

  3. Yes 2k got to do somthing about this because this game is 1 of the best 2k games I have personally play and having my (my player) mode freeze on me several times including ( starting a fresh new my player) I get the same freezing problems……. Wow and I thought it was my console that was the problem causing the freezing. C’mon 2k please fix this.

  4. Mine got to the all star break and i didnt make the rookie game or all star and it tries to simulate the game but everytime i press play next game it freezes and i have more than 1 file save I already started over one time…..

  5. I saved a live game on my 2k and now it wont load. I myself was in one of the best games of my life then i had to go to class. Now im here waiting on a patch.

  6. Well it happened to me when i was in the middle of the game i got only 1 game save and im in game 56 so yeaah im not loosing this one , it actually happened when i was playing not the my player mode and it was saved in 4th quarter but i played jordan challenge it was a black out in the house
    So… i tried to go to my player mode and it shows bug or simply leaves the game … if anyone had this problem and found a way to fix it please reply to this comment

  7. Second time i did my player. 34 seconds left in the fourth up on Miame by 4, had to go with wife, saved and exited. Came back loaded my player and it says continue, fades to black and nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dis is sum BULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. heppening to me on Xbox as well, but sometimes it works for me so what I do is save my my player mode with like 30 seconds left in the 4th quarter if my game freezes re load it up and play the last 30 secs again, Grrrrr so frustrating though!!

  9. Everytime i finish a game on my player it just freezing while trying to the load to the my player main menu screen. I have tried everything like deleting data and making new one but nothing works. This is MESSED UP. 2K fix this!!!

  10. I’m in the 1st round of the playoffs and my team, the Warriors beats the Jazz in a hard fought battle. I get 40pts 10rebs and 8asts. I’m definitely due for major skill points. WAIT…. the game freezes yet again. Simulating doesn’t give you any skill points and that hurts just getting one more game under your belt and nothing to show for it. This just sucks!

  11. yea me too Anthony. had to go to work saved it now when I try load it, the screen goes black and nothing comes up. I was beasting too! looks like everyone is having this happen multiple times, I’m not starting over til 2k gets a patch

  12. I’m getting the same thing here. What I’ve discovered is if u do the in game save twice the third one will freeze every time, so make sure to save multiple files. Another thing is if u do the in game save in back to back games it will also freeze, so try to complete a game without saving at all in between saved games. These are the things I’ve found to work in order for me to enjoy the my player mode (which I think is CRAZY) , but if anybody finds out how to recover the files please let me know

  13. So corny!!! I called 2ksports customer service and they just downplayed the whole issue… The rep even tried to act like 59 games played wasn’t that much… Lol… I was rated @ 54 in my rookie season while dropping #’s…. Sad thing is now it doesn’t even load!!!! I froze it mid-way thru a game and guess what?… Seems like i wasted a TON if time which is PRICELESS! I want the patch ASAP and/or my $$$ back that I paid for the game… Hope all you folks get your issues resolved too…

  14. Yep same here, played my first season to game 20 when it froze I brought the game back and got another copy now its doing it again, 2k has the F-It attitude which is really messed up

  15. Same happened to me, i even tryed to rent a copy from blockbuster and it still freezes, 2k11 better fix it because my player is just getting good and there is no way im starting again, the worst about this is the game is so addictive and now i got nothing to play because these retards cant test there games!

  16. Yeah this suckssssss! I just started mine and got to about game 15 then i saved and exited cause i had to go, and now it goes black when i load it again.!

  17. Omg this happned to me. i finally got to start in a game(14th game) and i was doing so good that i decided to save for if i make a mistake i can turn of and replay. Now when i try to enter the game once again the game after i press “A” to enter after loading the screen turns pitch black

  18. 2k freezes if u save a game then go back I was the 2nd ranked cre in 2k10 in 11 I was. 90 overall 21 games to my second season and it froze!!!!! Where’s the patch

  19. I was 25 games in… got my rating to 55… and was midway through a game when i decided i needed to take care of something outside… saved, went back to the my player page and exit fully…

    Turn back on today… gives me the 3 objectives, starting lineup.. and then POOF… nothing but black.

    This is some BS.
    It’s clearly an issue with the game given the amount of people having the same EXACT thing happen.

  20. i need help i was in the chamionship and i saved and quit so i can com back to it and know when i load it up it goes black and then freezes

  21. Hey fellas i followed a guys advice on here and it go mine to work again, when you turn on your ps3, go to the saved utility option before going in the game. delete everything except for your my player and jordan mode (if you have it). then you can go and start your game again and it works. i saw his advice on here 2 weeks ago but i finally tried it and it worked, cant remember his name but thanks man!!! so try it fellas…its worth a shot…also you lose all the jordan shoes you earned but u can easily get them back

  22. brandon^
    i have heard this before my my player is in his second year and dont want to loose him
    so im going to take your word delete everything but i want to know what ur problem was
    mine is i saved and quit now it just freezes and goes black

  23. hey 2c really? even roster? we will delete……… worked to you?……………this kinda sucks …I unlock all 40 shoes but now I will delete :( ….not gonna do it…

  24. I tried this but it didn’t work I’m talkin bout the black screen after loading a game that I saved in the middle for my player
    Explain some more if u can or tell me if u had the same situation and it weorked

  25. i have the same problem too…. I saved My Player in the middle of the game last night because i’m sleepy then i woke up today i played then thats it! when i load my My Player then I press X button (i’m using PS3) it freeze, PLEASE 2KSPORTS HELP US!!… I dont want to lose my player i’m starting to have a good career, always double-double….. I’m playing my 14th game at the 1st season with my 3rd team Orlando Magic….

    i tried what Brandon said but it doesn’t work to me..

  26. I’m so pissed off. I deleted everything but My Player and loaded it. I’ve finished my first season and once I hit start to get passed the NBA 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Rookie teams it freezes completely. What the hell do I do now? God bless their soul for whoever figures out how to fix this!

  27. I called customer support. today is November 4th, they said that there is an issue that their developers are working on and that there should be a patch loaded up by the end of this month or the first week of december. Unfortunately that is all i can update for right now so until then i guess we just have to deal. Friggin 2k11 this is the first time i bought a game gith off the bat and of course murphy’s law kicks in and screws me. Hopw this helps those who are wondering what the deal is.

  28. Wow this sucks. I thought it was just me buh yeah definitely something that 2k needs to fix. Thankfully I was just midway thru the season. Saving it on different slots might be the only solution so far. Mine froze when saving a game at halftime and it won’t load back up. A lot of wasted time.

  29. I just got off the phone with 2k and they said they’ll patch it within a month, the representative told me that you should change the camera view if u have it on Broadcast Dynamic to change it and that should work until the patch arrives. I haven’t tried it yet but I thought I should post it right now. Good luck.

  30. I have played 44 games and i saved and exit a game and now when i try to load my player right b4 the games it sapposed to start it freeze at the black screen

  31. i just scored 75points with MYPLAYER player and had over 4000 skill points earned in the game on the celtics of all teams and… Fn froze when i hit quit…prolly the 4th time its done this :(

  32. I was in the second game of the playoffs, after I had a completed the 82 game season and I played every last one, I called up 2k sports and they said they would email me and gave me a code that would address the issues. Sounded like BS to me and it was because they never emailed me. They better fix this quick or I am going to demand my money back….

  33. How does the patch work? Same thing has happen to me! I was in the middle of a game..decided to quit and came back to it a few hours later everything loads up as normal it goes to the objective screen then i press x to continue and the screen just goes blank! i really don’t want to lose my player at all but waiting for a patch could take forever does anyone know if i create a new player while still keeping my would mess the old player up?

  34. my player got stuck. whenever i click ‘Play the next game’ it always froze. i’d also delete all my saved files except my player. but it just worked the same way.

  35. Yeah 33 games in second conference player of the month and rookie player of the month. Get put into the starting line-up for the first time on the Hornets after being drafted 11th overall. Save, exit, enjoy later? No black screen of depression. Im not even on Xbox live so I doubt a patch will do me any good. 2K has really dropped the ball on this one.

  36. I did several and every time I would get 50pts milestone or score 45
    Pts and higher it would freeze, and if I would get 38pts with 10 or more assist it would freeze all 6 of them did this and I started to get 35pts and stop shooting the rest of the game so it would not freeze and it then started freezing between my 13th and 16th game all after the game was over before my press conference it would freeze like this on all of them always upon exiting the game when it was over. IF U BOUHT YOUR XBOX IN 2008 OR BEFOR THEN ITS THE SYSTEM I GOT A NEW WIFI 250G SYSTEM AND I SCORED 50 TWICE AND ITS EXITING FINE NOW AND GOT 48 WITH 10 PLUS ASSIST TWICE AND EXITING FINE TOO, I COULDNT DO EITHER OF THEN EVEN ONE TIME ON MY OLD SYSTEM WITHOUT THE EXIT GAME FREEZE PROBLEM. ITS THE SYSTEM I TRIED EVERYTHING LISTED ON THIS PAGE AS WELL AS OTHER GOOGLE SEARCHES. NOTHING WORKED UN TILL I BROKE DOWN ANd GOT THE NEW SYSTEM IT WAS MY LAST RESORT I HAD OTHER CHOICH CAUSE I LOVE MY PLAYER AND DNT WANNA PLAY OTHER MODES AFTER PLAYING SO MUCH MY PLAYES. I FIGURED IT WAS SYSTEM CAUSE ALL MY FRIENDS MY PLAYERS WORK AND THEY HAV NEWER SYSTEMS. I WILL KEEP. YALL POSTED.

  37. Got to the Rookie Challenge game and it freezes when it says its simulating to the next game. I have tried deleting files and everything else suggested but to no avail. I’m pissed big time about this.

    How does a patch work and is there any update on when they are doing

  38. Are we supposed to even get to play the rookie challenge cuz i never got that option, it just simulated passed it. This is complete b.s. i’m not going to buy a new system just to play 2k11, especially after getting the elite

  39. i just got off of the phone with 2k and the guy told me to turn on the xbox with no game in it, go to system settings, memory, push Y, then clear system cache..he said if this didnt work then i would have to wait for the update

  40. Ridiculous. Wtf did they release the game for without testing this ?
    Will turn a lot of people off. I cant get past game 14…. Waiting for a patch like idiots now.

  41. Mine was after 34 games, i saved mid game and then a day later i try to load it, click the A button and then it gos to black and then freezes. Its happened to me twice now!!!

  42. Just happend to me. A rebound away from double double, killin John Wall, bout a minute left in the game.

    Sooo salty right now

    Screen goes to black when I try to load it up

  43. I havent experienced that yet… The only main problem of mine is after I finished my 1st NBA season in MP… Then when you proceed to the next season… “Simulating until season ends” and after that it will just freeze and stuff it up… anyone know how to fix it?

  44. Patch cuming at end of november or first week of december I talked to to 2K there working on It, but the new system and hard wrk hard drive came with whole new system(WI-FI). I’m now 44 games in and leading the league in scoring at 39 pts per game and got the pacers to 40 and 4 best in league all thanks to my new system ITS THE OLD SYSTEM. If patch cum and don’t work for you BUY A NEW SYSTEM(I know it sucks to hear but its the truth)

  45. I have a nice game… ready to talk about it in the press conference it freezes -_-, wtf is dat. This is my first time hearing about this patch sh**. Should of tested the game out first 2k. F**k.

  46. 44 games in.. freezes right before press conferance.. does not matter what my stats are..
    I have tried:
    *playing thru a good game..
    *playing thru a bad game..
    *moved the saved file to 2 different x boxes thinking it was my system.. the new 250gb elite.. and the old white one which is about 7 years old ( lol )..
    *deleted my files and nothing..
    * patch that came out did nothing for still stuck..

    anyone have anything else to try?? please help!!

  47. so apparently the patch is here? Can somone help me as to how i get it? This is very new to me. I’m assuming i need to get my xbox online? Whats next?

  48. Still broken, just had it freeze on me when entering a game today, deleted all the extra files ect, re downloaded the patch, still does not load.

  49. Well did your corrupted file UN-Freeze? From the sounds of it the freezing is random, so until someone is able to go run through 5 seasons of my player mode, saying it is fixed is wishful thinking. My game is up to date patched and it wont load the next game of the season, was not a mid game save, it is saved at the home screen and will not load.

  50. Cleared system cache both before logging in an after. Then updated per the patch and the game from my save and quit that previously blacked out now works. Amazing.

  51. mine doesnt even load the game….it freezes after the guy says “He took flight” ive connected to the net and did the system and game update and it stil wont load where is the damn patch?

  52. That sounds like your game itself is broken. Try installing it to the hard drive.

    As far as freezing goes this patch does not fix anything, my new My Player just had the end of game freeze where you cannot hit exit, was able to sim through it but its still dumb.

  53. Yeeeeeaaaaa……i’m in the 2nd round of the playoffs in my 1st season and can’t get past Game 4. It always freezes when the game is over and tries to go to the home screen (xbox 360). I just scored a triple double too! I’ll never become a legend at this rate

  54. hey guys my problem is I’m stuck at the loading screen before playing a game. Everything seems to going but load time is really long. I can access the drills and other stuff but once I started a match in my player mode, thats it. is this fixed in the patch?

  55. i was able to finish an entire season on my player mode but it froze while simulating the offseason and now it will not let me advance!

  56. This problem was happening to me, so what i do now is after every game i do the press conference, then when i get the the welcome screen, i go straight to save. Then i turn the xbox off. then if i want to play another game, i just restart the xbox over again. If you don’t turn the 360 off, the screen will might freeze the next game. Ive played like 2 seasons in a row, and this always worked for me. hope this helps.

  57. It also happened to me. I have saved my progress in a running game and the next day when I try to continue it closes the whole game and I see the desktop of my pc! I have tried many things but nothing has worked!

  58. ok this is off subject a little bit but i bought 2k11 and had it for a while. then the game got stepped on by a friend of mine and broke. so i bought another one and now my my player i had almost a full season completed wont load now. does any1 kno how i would b able to get it loaded. i looked in my saved data utility(ps3) and its there but i cant figure out how to get it on the new one.. can any1 help me out?

  59. Made 2nd round 4th pick with Trail Blazers, didn’t impress them – got moved to D-League with Dakota Wizards. Jazz gave me a 10-game contract, got into the team as 6th man – 13 games in with Jazz top of conference, just transferred to Heat and it crashes when pressing ‘Play next game’. Just waiting for the pc patch now :P

  60. this is f’in bs! had 68 points at the end if 3rd vs boston i play for charlotte only 50 overall 22 games in but still damn! 2k sux period.

  61. Please help I love 2k11 but my game wont start anymore it stays stuck on the screen with the teams. Freezzes my PS3 everytime is this a common problem please help. I went threw the same thing with2k10 I cant take it please help!!!!

  62. so i have the version for wii. Everything played fine on my player, won the championship and then…. Everytime i’m trying to sim the offseason, the game freezes and gives a ongoing sound. How to fix this?

  63. same thing here im about 35 games into my season and every time i play now the announcers stop talking or are well behind the game action and then it will freeze up… to bad too wish they could fix i love the my player mode!!

  64. This is absolute rubbish I’m half way through my 2nd season. 86 rating on my SG.. Averaging 47 pts 5 assists 4rebounds a game with the bucks.. Now I play the jazz beat them and after the press conference it goes to load the player and YEP black screen then the music stops. I’m pretty pissed about now

  65. if 2k doesnt fix dis stupid freezing problem im movin on to nba live. im sick of spending money on a game that will eventually stop working ang i mean the only mode i play is my player and for it 2 keep freezing. im sick of it

  66. I played my player mode and now I can’t play season with a team :| I am always just with a player… not with the entire team… can anybody help me please !! ??

  67. Had to restart my season for the 2nd time. Putting it on ebay. Great game. Nothing is worth the trouble of constantly starting over. EA Football time!

  68. same problem get to all star weekend and it wont let me play in the rookie challenge just freezes. is there any way i can resolve this?? any help please

  69. same problem get to all star weekend and it wont let me play in the rookie challenge just freezes. is there any way i can resolve this?? any help please.

  70. what you guys need to do is update your system on xbox live. thats what i had to do but let me tell you this..NEVER…EVER…NEVER save a live game on 2k my player because it will freeze and it you will have to start all over again. my player overall rating was 92 and i saved a live game and it wont go to it so my advice is to update your system IT REALLY WORKS and NEVER EVER SAVE A LIVE GAME hope i was helpful people

  71. Me too i have the xbox 360 and i had to go o bed.So i saved and exit.The next time that i got on the screen was black.And i didd a lot.

  72. I have my 2k11 on pc. I finished my first NBA my player game and a press conference shows up. when it comes up, i wait, but nothing happens. I can press anything and nothing comes up. oh, and my commentary doesnt work, do you know how to fix that.

  73. I got it on the wii i had to start over at least two times beacause there was a saving problem on MyPlayer it just deleted my file I was jus starting my second season. Then recently MyPlayer mode now freezes when I go play a game and try to start.

  74. YEAH !
    Me Too !
    My Guy Is A BEAST !
    But It Freezes When I Simulate Off Season ! >.< !!!!!!!
    HELP , My Guy Is At The Top Of His Game Right Now !

  75. it happen to me! my player is 79 over all no.1 pick and mvp also the rookie of the year!

    wasted all my time on that!

    now the screen is pitch black.

  76. What I think should go down is nba 2k12 should be free to whoever posted a comment on this blogsite and can send in legitamate reason 2k11 messed up. Or something like that

  77. Im having the exact same problem as half as you and my season in my player plays all the way through, but when the game automatically sims the offseason it freezes half way through the simulation. I mean really, all that time spent on those freaking games. I hope that patch works.

  78. I have done a couple seasons in my player mode and my player was injured and when I went to simulate thru the injury it froze, any advice on how to make it work??

  79. ok, i was on my 4th season, i play 12 min quarters and im a 99 overall, just like 3 min ago its in the middle of saving and freezes, well theres nothin i could do so i had to restart it and now my 4 year player is a gigatic waste of time because its damaged, i am very angry that i have to deal with something like this, i mean i dont even simulate so just think about all the time ive wasted, i was ranked #1001 to but that doesnt matter i guess…

  80. same thing keeps happening to me to i was in my rookie year and was ranked #2 overall in the league and i went to home on the my player screen and couldent do anything couldent even simulate a game

  81. Wow, your route sounds almost exactly like mine. I was drafted by the Timberwolves in 2nd round, waived, D League, signed by the Jazz 10 day, signed for the rest of the year, traded to the Heat, doing well, going into My Player kicks me back to the desktop. Patch didn’t help me. :( Still looking for solution.

  82. I lost FOUR Centers that were almost 90 overall and 7’5 due to this s**t!! Thanks for all the WASTED MONTHS of my life 2K… Looks like Im going back to NBA Live next year smh

  83. I have a save in the second season and it wont load anymore says file corrupted so… i started a new career half way through first season it wont let me beat the lakers i finish the game and click quit to get to home screen and it exits the entire game making me have to redo this game over and over and over again…. so i made another career and im lead in mvp voting and dominating but it wont let me enter a game anymore it closes after click play game …LETS GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER 2K THIS IS HORRIBLE … its a great game just fix the loading issues

  84. On My Player Mode, I am on game 49 of my first season, just about to go into the all-star game, but then there is no starting line up on the loading and objectives page (despite there being one on the section) and after I press the space bar, the whole 2k11 programme shuts down and I’m back to my desktop. Every other game has worked fine so far, including the Rookie v. Sophomore game… Please help! Do I need to re-install the game, or is there a quick fix for this?


  85. I get the same problems. At first I wasn’t able to open a saved game after getting the message “content damaged” so i started over (new my player) and now after like the 20th game I go to play a game and after the loading screen I press A to continue but the screen goes black. Its like come on 2k, I HATE starting over in my player after the player has been built up.

  86. SOLUTION = really hope this works for you. Had the same problem.

    TURN OFF AUTO-SAVE in My Player Menu.

    Searched for this solution whole day* Hope it works for all of you*

  87. i saved my player during a game, came back later, i can press continue to continue with the game, but then the screen fades to black! Any idea how to fix this?

  88. I bought another Game and luckily it fixed the problem but a couple months down the line it happened again… Luckily its not the case with 2k12 well il keep my fingers crossed lol

  89. during the seasoon i quit and save then i go back and it loads to the point where u froze and it would let u play have not got to the end yet dont knnow if it will work there

  90. Iv been having a problem with the game freezing up p in my player mode for 7 months. I have restarted my player 6 times. It always seems to freeze in the same places overtime. Right after a game wen its goin to the post games press conference 10-14 games into the season.I really like this game an the my player mode. but its really starting to get old having to restart the my player. Now the game is freezing in the season mode 20 games into a 29 game season after the first quarter. We have relayed the game 3 times an it still is freezing up at the same place.

  91. I don’t think I’m gone bother buying any NBA 2k games anymore becuz the same s^_^ is gone happen if they don’t fix it. I rather buy another games than wasting my money on this stupid game. I have PES a soccer game and it never freeze unless you broke it. They should be just like them and stop making waste our money.


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