NBA 2K11 might just be the best basketball simulation game ever released, but unfortunately 2K’s title seems to have some problems attached, especially when it comes to the My Player game mode – suddenly the game refuses to work after the 13th or 14th game (usually) and all you are left to do is wonder if there is a way to fix the My Player Mode freezing issues.

Personally, I have tried everything in the book: changed the visual settings of the game, restarted the computer, restarted the game – I’ve even tried uninstalling or starting a new My Player mode in NBA 2K11 and the same thing happened – after around 14 matches, the game starts to freeze and becomes unplayable!

Apparently, there is no official response to this problem and no sure proof fixes, but you could try a little tweak that might just help you make it work: make sure you have multiple save files for the My Player mode and try saving VERY often, each time on a different slot – this way, you could reload a previous saved game and hope it won’t freeze anymore.

Another way to fix the freezing problem of the My Player mode is to try and simulate the game till the end – it won’t work always, but it doesn’t hurt trying!

Right now, there are no other fixes for the freezing problem and it seems that all we can do is wait for 2K to release a fix for the My Player mode.

If you have other solutions for this problem, please don’t hesitate to share them with us – maybe together we can work it out somehow!