Aunt List V of V is the last goal of the series. You’ve finally gathered everything your aunt and cousins have requested. The last step is to ship all of it to them. That means you’ll need crates and labels. The requirements for the goal are:

  • Craft 10 Planks
  • Get 10 Nails
  • Collect 10 Shipping Labels

Planks are crafted inside the Covered Wagon. Nails are free gift items but not everyone has them. You can place it in your wish list and ask your neighbors to help you with it.

To get Shipping Labels, click on the Ask Friends button. It will appear on your wall feed. When a friend clicks on your request, they’ll get one as well. This is another way to get one for yourself as well. Keep an eye on your wall for Shipping Labels requests from your friends.

Once you’ve completed the Aunt List Part V of V, you’ll get a Boiled Shoe. When you use it, you’ll get 25 Energy. Sharing it with your friends will give them one Nail.