Parts 3 and 5 of the Aunt List goal series in Frontierville are rather simple to accomplish. They require buying, tending, and collecting items in the game.

Aunt List Part III of V tasks are:

  • Buy 10 Cows
  • Tend 10 Neighbor Cows

This is straightforward and might not take you ten minutes to complete. Once completed, you’ll get a Cow and unlock Aunt List Part IV of V. Sharing it will give your friends a Cow.

Aunt List Part IV of V tasks are:

  • Buy 1 Butter Churn
  • Get 1 Ribeye

Butter Churn is available in the Market. Ribeye is part of the Ox Collection. It can be acquired by tending your Oxen or going to your neighbors’ homestead and tend their Oxen. Once you’ve complete Aunt List Part IV of V, you’ll receive an Ox. The Sharing Bonus is also an Ox.

You’ll probably breeze through Parts 3 and 4 of the Aunt List goals. If you can’t get a Ribeye, you can place it in your wish list and hope that a friend will share one with you.